Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto

Restaurant Oivanki

The restaurant offers the services,  kl 8 - 16 or in order the other times:

Breakfast 7.50 euros (6,00 euros youth)

Lunch or packed lunch 9.60 euros (7.80 euros youth)

Dinner  12,00 euros (9.60 euros youth)

Evening meal 7,00 euros (5.50 euros youth)

Coffee, tea and a bun 4,00 euros (3,00 euros youth)

Sausage + drink at 4,00 euros (3,00 euros youth)

Sausage or pancakes accessories, bread or bun + drink 6.60 euros (5.50 euros youth)

Sausage, pancakes accessories, bread or bun + drink 8.00 euros (6.50 euros youth)

Our facilities on request succeeds festive events:

Remembrance events

Family Celebrations
 Other events