Nuoriso- ja luontomatkailukeskus Oivanki avanto

Camp school activities

Camp school is teaching that happens after school, for periods of two or more days. At camp school the students have a chance to apply what they learn in school, which will widen their view of the world and also making the learned information more concrete. At best the camp school makes learning more interesting, increases the motivation for studying and brings change and refreshment to your average school rhythm.


Oivanki is a place where you get to go out and do activities, learn and grow in and around nature, which is why we do a lot outdoors. In our work we emphasize the challenges of working together and succeeding, as well as learning to be responsible for yourself and others. The learning is experiential and functional. The basis of learning is experiences and observations.

For us, safety, knowhow, professionalism, caring and nature are important.

At camps chool Oivanki we have everything tailored for the interests of each class, according to what they know and what their schedule is. Oivanki’s programs include material well suited for supporting the curriculum, bringing practical experiences into learning. With fun co-operation we teach group working skills, interaction and social interaction skills. From our nature hikes you’ll remember observations of different species, camping skills and insights as to what happens in nature. Handicraft skill increasing programs also increase creativity and could give you the spark to maybe even start a new hobby.

Please look into our programs more closely and choose a suitable package together with your class. As a help for planning, you can also use software meant for camp school.

Welcome to learn at Oivanki!