Oivanki  is experienced in organizing different kinds of camps and excursions. The surrounding nature and functional facilities offer endless possibilities for activities all year round. We take you closer to nature...


About us

The peaceful accommodation, 25 EUR for the Youth and for the other tourists 35 EUR, close to nature.

Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre is one of the 10 national youth centres supervised and supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The centre is located in Kuusamo, north-eastern Finland in peaceful surroundings by a small lake...

Coaching Youth in Action

The youth work done in Oivanki is aiming towards supporting young people and their development. Youth work can be done in many ways and with different kinds of groups, but the aim is always to help and support the young people and guide them to the right direction.


International Youth in Action

International youth work brings together Finns and other nationalities through camps and youth exchanges. Knowledge of different cultures, new experiences shared together and developing language skills are some of the positive outcomes of the international work...